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Marj Al-Sham Limited Trading Company was founded in Saudi Arabia, in Jeddah in 2009 (1431 according to the Islamic calendar),  and the supervision of many experts in the field of general commerce.








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Trade flow for you to grow

High Quality

We at Marj Al-Sham believe that our first priorities is to provide reasonably priced, high quality products for the client


And also, to ensure that all of our products match the international specifications, concerning quality, packaging and wrapping.


We also aspire to make our foodstuff products taste exquisite and natural.


We also aspire to reach leadership in the field of commerce, and the constant development that comes along with it.

You Need It, We Gladly Provide It.

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Marj Al-Sham provides the most efficient solutions for the food application industry without compromising on quality.

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